Elena Andreevna Volkova




Elena Andreevna Volkova (June 3, 1915 – October 8, 2013, Елена Андреевна Волкова)
Elena Volkova was born in 1915 in the Ukrainian city of Chuguyev (birthplace of Ilya Repin) from a modest family, her father was a swimming coach, her mother, a peasant. In 1934 she began to work as assistant-projectionist for a mobile cinema. During the war she was affected in an hospital; her husband died during the war. Without any artistic training, she began to paint at the beginning of the 60s at the age of 45. Elena Volkova lived in Moscow.

In 1947, Elena Andreevna a son, Valentin, who began to study painting. It was then that she took his son paint, Volkova turned herself to the painting (in 1961). Her first work was still life on cardboard, then appeared narrative compositions.

Solo Exhibitions:

Exhibition Hall of the Artists’ Union. Omsk, 1975;

Artist’s House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow, 1980;

ZNUI, 1981,

Museum of amateur creativity of the peoples of the RSFSR (the Saviour Yefim Monastery), Suzdal, 1985;

The All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts (on delegate street), Moscow, 1988. “Fish, birds and animals. Paintings E. Volkova, “Moscow. Gallery “The dar”; 1995;

Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2001;

Tretyakov Gallery, 2005-2006

“Glory to Labor”, Moscow, 1974;

Amateur artists for Motherland !, Moscow, 1977;

All-Union Exhibition, Moscow, 1987;

All-Union Exhibition of amateur artists. Central House of Artists, Moscow 1985

All-Union Exhibition of amateur artists (ENEA, “Montreal” Pavilion), Moscow, 1987.
Naifs sovietiques, 1988 (France)

Golden Dream, 1992.

Naive Art Russia. Russian House of Folk Art. (at Sverchkov Pereulok). Moscow, 1993
INSITA-94; “Russian delicacy.” Still Life in the works of naive artists. Curator K. Bogemskaia. Moscow. Gallery “DAR”, 1995.
The “Moscow-Berlin”. Exhibition of paintings by naive artists of Germany and Russia in the halls of the Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art (on the delegate Str.), Moscow, 1996. Wisdom with naive eyes, Kirov, 1997.
Naive art in the collection of Bogemskaia and K.A. Turchin. Exhibition hall “Ark”, Moscow,

Erste Begegnung …, / Germany / 1999-
Russische Naieven … (The Netherlands), 2000.

Pushkin images … Moscow, 1999. The Paradise Apples 2000
And I saw … 2001. The image of the world in the naive art. Vienna-Oslo 2002- 2003.


Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve.

Volkova museum in Moscow

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