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Vasilij Romanenkov was born in (1953-2013) in the village of Bogdanovka in Smolensk Oblast. In 1968 he graduated from 8-years school and moved to “Kosino” State farm near Moscow to live with his mother. There he apprenticed as a carpenter. In 1975–1980 Romanenkov studied at ZNUI (eng. Distance Learning National University of Arts) under N. Pavlov and N. Rotanov. The main feature of his art – a manner to draw with small strokes of different thicknesses, creating a kind of “moire” texture with the help of a pencil. Initially, Romanenkov tried to paint in oils, but on the advice of his teachers at ZNUI he engaged himself with the graphics. His first compositions, which he began to paint from the bottom, were distinguished with randomness of different shapes and patterns. Later, his works became more structured and gained the cyclic format, thus consisting of three or more separate works, each with its internal frame.

His cycles are devoted to Romanenkov’s own biography, birth, baptism and death; the fate of the Ancient and Modern Russia.
Vasily Romanenkov is widely known in Russia and abroad. He was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Triennial of Naive Art in Bratislava (Insita) at 2004 and received an honorable mention of the jury at the same exhibition in 1994 and 1997.

Personal exhibitions

  1. Evidence. Tsaritsyno State Museum, 1998
  2. Naive Art. Vasily Romanenkov. From the collection of Ksenia Bogemskaya, Central House of Artists, Moscow, 2002


  1. All-Union Exhibition of works of amateur artists, dedicated to the XVII Congress of Trade Unions, Moscow, 1982
  2. Folk traditions, Moscow, 1986-1987
  3. The image and perception, Moscow, 1990
  4. Dream of Gold, Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, 1992
  5. Insita 94, 97, 2000, 2004
  6. Naive Art of Russia, Moscow 1997, 1998
  7. Wisdom is with the naive eyes, The Vasnetsov Brothers Art Museum, 1997
  8. Naive art in the collection of K. Bogemskaya and A. Turchin, “Ark” exhibition hall, Moscow, 1998
  9. Pushkin images, Moscow, 1999
  10. Mastery of time, Gallery of the International University, Moscow, 2000
  11. Galerie Hamer, Amsterdam, 1998
  12. Naive art, 1998
  13. Outsiders, Galerie Hamer, Amsterdam, 1999
  14. Erste Begegnung (Germany), 1999
  15. Russische Naieven vertellen, Museum de Stadshof, Zwolle, the Netherlands, 2000
  16. Outsider’s Art Fair, 2001-2004
  17. Festnaiv’04
  18. Art Manege Fair, Moscow, 2004
  19. The Museum of everything, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, 2013
  20.  Outsider Art Fair, Paris, 2014
  21. Collection abcd, Expo Collective Contemporaine (collection of Bruno Decharme), 2014-2015
  22. Outsider Art Fair, Hôtel le A, Paris 2014


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  2.  Charlotte Zander Museum, Besigheim, Germany
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  4.  Museum of Naïve Art, Moscow
  5.  Collection ABDC, Paris
  6. Collection Eternod-Mermod, Lausanne


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