Vladimir Semenov

Semenov Vladimir F. (1920, 2003, Yaroslavl), by profession a journalist who lived in Vladimir.
He graduated from the Saratov University, Military School of Communications, the Higher Military-Pedagogical Institute. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, was awarded 5 medals and 16 medals.
He started painting at the age of 40 years. Originally painted landscapes while traveling on vacation, and later began to turn to the kinds of Vladimir, everyday street scenes. For 20 years, he led the club of amateur artists of Vladimir, one of the best in Russia in the 1980s.
Works Semenova different in terms of performance. In the best of these artist. May have unknowingly created the ironic images of Soviet political reality (depicting, for example, the demonstration), meaningful desert landscapes (“White Silence” – kind of a snowy field, is made in several versions). His style tended toward realism, but naive perception affected in unexpected poetic commonplace subjects, distinctive use of color. Interesting it created paintings of Vladimir Lenin. Member 108 exhibitions.

Solo exhibitions: Gallery “The Gift”, 1994; Museum of Naive Art 2002

All-Union Exhibition, Moscow, 1987; Naifs sovietiques, 1988 (France); Naive artists of the world, 1990, Golden Dream, 1992; Pushkin images … 1999; And I saw … 2001; Festnaiv 04.

Collections: art museums of Kostroma, Vladimir, Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve;
Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow, the Museum of Naive Art in Moscow.