Mikhail Rzhannikov



Ржанников-1 портрет



Mikhail Aleksandrovich Rzhannikov (Ржанников Михаил Александрович, born in 1930, village Bilimbaj, Ural – 2004, Lipetsk) was born in peasant family in Ural. He stared to work in 13 years old.  After graduation from the college in Sverdlovsk he was assigned to work at the pipe factory in Lipetsk, where he was working worked until his retirement. Mikhail Rzhannikov to do art by chance in the middle of 70th: he painted a watercolor landscape on a bet with his wife.  Later, he studied in Lipetsk club of amateur artists, where he mastered the basics of painting technique.

Solo exhibitions:

Lipetsk, 1987, 1990;

Gallery “The Dar”, Moscow, 1992.

2015 – Lipetsk


:All-Union Exhibition, Moscow, 1987;

«Naifs sovietiques» (France), 1988;

“Golden dream”, 1992;


“Naive Art of Russia”, Moscow, 1997;

“Naive art in the collection of Bogemskaia and K. Alexander Turchin,” “Ark”, Moscow, 1998;

«Erste Begegnung …» (Germany), 1999;

«Russische Naieven …» (Holland), 2000;

“Paradise apples”, 2000; “Festnaiv-04”; Fair “Art Manege”, Moscow, 2004;

«Outsider’s Art Fair», 2005.


GRDNT; Museum of Naive Art, Moscow; “Tzaritzino”, Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve; The Art Museum, Ekaterinburg; Museum with. Zolotonozhka, Ukraine.