Roza Zharkih (1930- 2014???)


Russian outsider artist. She graduated from a technical school, worked in a factory. She began drawing at the age of 46 years after a major operation. Creates not only paintings, but also embroidery, embroidered with fantastic dresses, voluminous compositions (“Madonna”, 1995-1996). She had An interesting idea to make it an embroidered cover of the Bible. Flowers, waves, tangled strands of ornamental lines create a mysterious, exciting atmosphere of her work. The drawings are often made with a ballpoint pen on the paper, it is seeking to fill the entire plane graphic lines, images, slides over one another (“Mirage”, 1978).

Until 2001-2002. she did not consider herself an artist, and her works as works of art. Her art has been recognized thanks to the support of the Museum of Outsider Art.

Personal exhibition of Museum of Outsider Art, 2002.

Exhibition: INSITA-97;

INSITA 2000;

Biennale – Jagodina, 2001;

Outsider Art Fair, 2003;

INSITA 2004;


“Other new opportunities”,

the Museum of Outsider Art, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.

Collections: The Museum of Outsider Art.


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