Valentin Petrov



petrovValentin Petrov was born in 1944 in the village of Novoselovo Moscow region. He lives in the town of Istra. By education technician electrician. He worked at the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of electrothermal equipment. Art education has not. Write oil paintings began in 1990 under the influence of fellow artists. Draws urban and rural genre scenes. Addiction author – to notice the moments of urban and rural life, included in the landscape, and to portray domestic, everyday scenes.

Major exhibitions:

1990 – “Unknown province» (Moscow)

1991 – “Golden palette of autumn” (Moscow)

1992 – “Columbus-500” (Italy-USA)

1993 – “Spring-93” in the Manege (Moscow)

1994 – “Artists of Moscow region” (Troitsk)

1998 – “Five Roads” exhibition at the Central House of Artists (Moscow)

1999 – “Green picture ‘solo exhibition at the Central House of Artists (Moscow)

2000 – personal exhibition in the gallery “Astrum” (Moscow)

2000 – “The Road to the XXI st Century” exhibition at the Russian House of Folk Arts (Moscow)

2001 – “Come from Childhood” exhibition at the Historical Archives and the artist. Museum “New Jerusalem” (Istria)

2003 – “Istra – my love” exhibition in the gallery “Belyaevo” (Moscow)

2005 – “seen” exhibition at the Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts (Moscow)

2010 – “Festnaiv 2010”, the architectural complex “Provision warehouses” (Moscow)

2011 – “The Mirror” exhibition at the Museum of Naive Art (Moscow)

2012 – “Summer People” solo exhibition in JJDavies Gallerie (Moscow)

2013 – “How to Pancake Week” exhibition in the Historical-Architectural and Art Museum “New Jerusalem” (Istria)

2013 – “Festnaiv 2013” exhibition at the gallery Belyayevo (Moscow)

2014 – personal exhibition in the gallery of the naive and outsider art “ArtNaiv” (Moscow)

2014 – personal exhibition at the Museum of Naive Art (Moscow)

Since 1991, Valentin Petrov, a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists.

His works are in the collections of the Museum of Naive Art (Moscow), State Museum – Humanitarian Center NA Ostrovsky (Moscow), as well as in private collections in 26 countries.