Tatiana Elenok




Татьяна Еленок, 1930-2013

Born in 1930 in the village Marianske Krasnodar region.
Since 1948 lives and works in Moscow.
Classic Russian Naiva, among the top seven global primitives (Rousseau, Generaliд┤ Pirosmani, Selivanov, Volkova, E., Purygin L.)
. Laureate of USSR festival of folk art (1977, 1987),
. VDNH medal winner and numerous other awards.
. Since 1990 – member of the professional creative union of artists and schedules of the International Federation of Artists,
. Member of International Association “World of Culture”

. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Museum of Lenin, Moscow,
. Museum of VV Mayakovsky, Moscow,
. Museum svoremennogo creative peoples of the RSFSR, Suzdal,
. Museum of Contemporary Folk Art in Caricino, Moscow,
. naive art in the museums of France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, England, USA,
. in private collections director of the firm Sotheby’s, Mr. Simon de Pury, London,
. Ms. Franц╖oise Mondi, Paris and many other

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1973 Personal exhibition. Museum of Contemporary Art peoples of the RSFSR. Suzdal;
1974 traveling exhibition of Russian Lubok. Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. Moscow;
1974-1978 All-Union Exhibition of amateur artists of Moscow. Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. Moscow;
1975 Exhibition of independent artists in Moscow. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1977 All-Union Festival of Folk Art. Moscow;
1983 Personal exhibition. VDNH, pavilion “Electrification”. Moscow;
1984 International exhibition of naive art. Yugoslavia;
1985 Personal exhibition. VDNH, pavilion “Electrification”. Moscow;
1985 Exhibition of Russian national art. Dresden. GDR;
1985-1987 VDNH USSR pavilion “Energy”. Moscow;
1986 Museum of Contemporary Art of the USSR, Suzdal;
1987 All-Union Festival of Folk Art. Moscow;
1988 International Festival of naive art. (Internationale d’imazhiner “). Paris. France;
1989 The first international auction houses Sotheby’s in Moscow;
1989 Auction Man and housing “. Moscow;
1990 “Russian Painting”. Gallery Asbeck “. Copenhagen. Denmark;
1990 Traveling Exhibition. Cruise around Europe. International Association of World Culture “;
1990 Exhibition Hall of the Kalinin district. Moscow;
1990-1991 “From the naive art to kitsch”. Moscow Cultural Foundation. Firm “Origins” VOOPIK, Exhibition Center, pavilion “Soviet Culture”. Moscow;
1990-1995 autumn, spring and thematic exhibitions. PTSHG MFH. Moscow. Georgia M., 28;
1991 “Small Georgian, 28”. Exhibition dedicated to the 15 th anniversary exhibition halls. Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. Moscow;
1991 “ART-MIF-91”. Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. Moscow;
1991 “Rebirth of Russia”. USZ “Druzhba”, Association of Business Cooperation “Luteks”. Moscow. Luzhniki;
1991 “Russian Holiday”. State museum of decorative arts and architectural and park ensemble Tzaritzyno, Finvestbank, gallery “Sirin”. Ul. Razin, 12;
1991 Central House of Artists, Moscow;
1991 Personal exhibition. Showroom. Moscow. st. Vorovskogo, 5, Church of Simeon;
1992 “Sergey Radonezhsky”. Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. Moscow;
1992 Charity auction of modern and traditional arts. Chamber of Commerce of “Troika”, the firm “Details”. Moscow;
1992 “Dawn of Russia”. Charity Easter rally. Moscow;
1993 “Folk Art of Russia”. Agency Impring “. State Museum of Architecture. Schuseva. Moscow;
1993 “ART-MIF-93”. Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. Moscow, 1994 “Russia Province”. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 Association of Russia Africanists. Moscow;
1994 International Triennale of naive painting “INSITA-94”. Bratislava. Slovakia;
1994 Exhibition dedicated to the 20 th anniversary of “Bulldozer Exhibition”. PTSHG MFH. Moscow, Gogol Boulevard, 10;
1995 Exhibition dedicated to the 20 th anniversary VDNH in the pavilion “Beekeeping”. PTSHG MFH. Moscow. Gogol Boulevard, 10;
1995 “In My Heart”. House officers of the Moscow Military District. Moscow;
1995 Art Center “National Gallery”. Moscow;
1995 “Autumn Opening”. Art Center “National Gallery”. Moscow;
1995-1996 New Year’s Exhibition. PTSHG MFH, Moscow, Georgia M., 28;
1995-1996 Exhibition of works by members of the Professional Union of Artists and creative scheduling IHF. Center of business and cultural ties. London. Kingdom;
1996 Exhibition dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill. Moscow.