Year of foundation: 1985
Economic structure: private

Bogemskaia – Turchin collection

The Turchin – Bogemskaia collection is a private collection of Naïve and Outsider art based in Moscow, Russia representing mostly Russian and some international art.
 The collection was started in the middle of the 1980s by Dr. Ksenia Bogemskaia (1947 -2010). Dr. Bogemskaia published several books on naive and outsider art. It is one of the oldest institutions in field of Russian naive art studies, it is now 30 years old.

The goal of the collection is to preserve the heritage of outstanding Soviet Naive Artists, particularly Pavel Leonov, and to support new artists and conserve their work. Parallel to this is a programme of research into Russian Outsider Art. An important aim of the collection is to search for new and promising artists.

The collection is entirely self-supporting and this, of necessity, involves some degree of buying and selling art.

The collection consists of two parts: the more established section is Russian Naïve Art, and the more recent section is Art Brut or ‘Outsider’ Art. In the Art Brut section the most prominent artist is Alexander Lobanov.

Recent activities of the collection have been two large exhibitions of paintings by Pavel Leonov. One in the Roza Azora gallery (2010), and the other in the Pushkin State Art Museum (2011).


 Dr. K. Bogemskaia, 2000
Dr. K. Bogemskaia, 2000

The main mission of this site concerns research into Russian Outsider Art.
 It is based on the legacy of Dr. Ksenia Bogemskaia (1947-2010) who was a prominent academic and art collector. 
Bogemskaia’s collection is maintained by her son, Alexey Turchin, and a team of art historians: Maria Volkova, Medea Margoshvili and Lisa Plavinskaja.

See more about Dr. Ksenia Bogemskaia in wikiscientific biography



European collaboration

In 1999 the collection formed the basis of a large exhibition of Russian Naïve Art at the Charlotte Zander Museum in Germany. Also at this period several exhibitions in Netherlands (Galerie Hamer), Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain took place. Raw Vision magazine published several articles about artists in our collection and we assisted with research  (Pavel Leonov, Vasilij Romanenkov and recently Alexander Belykh.) During this period we also made acquisitions from Poland and Israel.

Future vision

We are interested in promoting Russian Naïve and Outsider Art abroad. We want to show that Pavel Leonov is a museum artist of world class. We are also interested in finding new Art Brut artists.

Dr.Bogemskaia’s book about Art Brut will published soon.


The collection was included in the top-60 collection in Europe in the book “On the map: Exploring european outsider art. A notebook” of which only 4 others in Russian (including Inye collection in Yaroslavl and Outsiderbourg in Saint-Petersburg)


Alexey Turchin

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